The dataMARS-RCS product family is an exceptional solution for flight-data recording and analysis, completely integrating an airborne recording unit with powerful ground analysis software, as follows:

The airborne flight-data recorder unit records flight data from multiple diverse data buses and signals. While recording, the unit also displays monitored engineering-unit data, enabling quick and informed decision-making during and between flights.

Once on the ground, the unit's pocket-sized, media cartridge can be easily removed and taken to the lab, where the powerful Windows-based dataMARS post-analysis software immediately accesses and analyzes the data, with no downloading required.

Finally, the dataMARS post-analysis software provides advanced data presentation, manipulation, interrogation, reporting and exporting capabilities.

Seamless integration between the data recording unit, removable recording media and ground analysis software, as well as with elimination of any download time, means that the dataMARS-RCS solution is complete, efficient and ensures that the entire testing process is streamlined. With many successful installations worldwide, this solution is proven and reliable.


Proven Field Success

Both the United States Army and Navy have decided to use the dataMARS-RCS as one of their standard solutions for flight-data recording and post-analysis, installing it on their flight-test aircraft. Furthermore, AMPOL's flight recorders (dataMARS104 and dataMARS-RCS) are currently being used on board a variety of aircraft worldwide, including modern carriers, fighter jets (F-16, F-15, F-4, F-5 and MIG-21) and various rotary wing platforms (AH-1W, AH-64A/D and CH47).

Features and Benefits of the dataMARS-RCS

Streamlines work to save time: The dataMARS-RCS 's recording media can be removed and installed on a standard PC for immediate analysis, making post analysis efficient and easy.

Realtime analysis: The dataMARS-RCS has the revolutionary ability to analyze data in real-time. The analyzed data, unlike the raw data recorded by conventional systems, enables decision-making during the flight.

On-line data analysis on the ground: The attachment of a standard VGA monitor, mouse and keyboard makes pre-flight testing, unit integration and communication debugging simple, as the dataMARS-RCS unit is already configured and wired to the aircraft.

Integrates multiple types of communications: The dataMARS-RCS integrates the diverse communication data types operating aboard the aircraft, encompassing flight and mission data alike. It supports MIL-STD-1553, ARINC-429, PCM, Ethernet, video, voice, serial channels, analog/discrete signals and many others.

Adaptable and upgradeable: The dataMARS-RCS is constructed of a modular design that can be easily adapted to address your specific needs and changing project requirements. The dataMARS-RCS is generic, enabling easy upgrade and flexibility.

Complete turnkey solution: The unity of the dataMARS-RCS recording unit and extensive dataMARS real-time and post-analysis software provide the most thorough monitoring solution available.

Reliable and rugged: The dataMARS-RCS unit is SOF (Safety of Flight) tested, flight qualified and can withstand severe environmental conditions. Compact and easy to install, the unit is self-cooled and operates autonomously from a 28 VDC power source. The dataMARS-RCS uses either solid-state or hard-drive recording media, with the storage capacity for hours of flight time.