"After working with dataMARS we realized that all others are toys rather than tools."

Senior Engineer, Avionics Engineering Dept.

AMPOL is a leader in the market of avionics communication data monitoring, simulation, recording and analysis. Backed by more than 15 years of experience, AMPOL is an established and well known player in the field. Yet AMPOL retains its innovative and forward-thinking ability to develop state-of-the-art products and solutions based on the market's evolving needs.

AMPOL, an ISO-9001-certified company, provides complete, comprehensive solutions for the entire development lifecycle, from the planning, development and implementation stages all the way to the final-analysis and qualification stages.
With our professional team of capable, highly trained experts from across the spectrum (such as fighter pilots, flight engineers and software engineers, to name but a few), At AMPOL, we understand our customers' needs and can provide the right answers to match their exacting requirements - in a timely fashion and beating tight deadlines.


AMPOL's off-the-shelf products and solutions provide flight engineers, software developers, system integrators, testers and maintenance people with the ability to record, analyze and simulate on multiple diverse avionics communication channels. Using AMPOL's generic products and flexible configurations, our customers are able to predefine, simulate, monitor, study and interact with both live and recorded data, either during flight or in a laboratory setting.
Our expertise in working with complex systems enables us to provide highly reliable and objective data-handling solutions. Flight data can be recorded selectively and efficiently, viewed and analyzed (both in realtime and off-line) and exported to third party application formats, as required.

AMPOL's product line includes:

Rugged & Airborne Systems: AMPOL has a large variety of complete systems and solutions available to suit data recording and analysis requirements. Our understanding of this industry's needs and our experience and ingenuity in implementing cost-effective solutions has placed us prominently in the market.
The dataMARS104 is a modular, scalable and easily configurable flight data recorder, and is the only one on the market that provides immediate realtime engineering-unit data, enabling quick and informed decision making both during and between flights. This complete package includes removable solid-state disk and playback software that allows data to be immediately replayed and analyzed upon landing, without having to wait for lengthy downloads and data conversions, as with other systems. The innovative dataMARS104 series revolutionizes the speed and ease with which flight data can be accessed, and its powerful, unique abilities set it well ahead of the competition.
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Monitoring & Simulation Software: AMPOL's powerful and feature-rich bus monitoring and simulation software was designed by engineers for engineers. Using high-performance, PC-based Windows compatible systems, our top-of-the-line software enables you to record, monitor, analyze and simulate avionics data either in the laboratory or on the flight line. This flexible tool can also be used to analyze recorded data from the dataMARS104 or from other vendors' recording devices.
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"Good support is important to us engineers at Sikorsky as is a good product
that helps us do our jobs. So far I would say your company has both."

Lead Engineer of Sikorsky Aircraft's Embedded Software Development Department

We at AMPOL know that, in this field, reliability is an important criterion by which a company is measured. Our consistent and proven track record has enabled us to forge a number of strategic partnerships with leading vendors in the industry, such as a long-term working relationship with DDC, a world leader in avionics interface components and boards.
AMPOL's customer list includes avionics equipment vendors and flight test centers, as well as major military and commercial aviation companies, such as Lockheed Martin and Boeing, and military forces, such as the United States Air Force, Army and Navy. These well known companies and agencies know that AMPOL can meet their expectations with our reliable products and their ability to be adapted to any project requirement.
AMPOL's proven solutions and products have been installed on and used with a wide range of different platforms, including fighter aircraft, helicopters, commercial jets, as well as non-avionic vehicles, such as missile boats and tanks - more than 1700 installations of different products in over 20 countries. Our hardware meets strict military standards, and is designed to work in harsh environmental conditions of shock, vibration, altitude, humidity and temperature.
AMPOL's customer service representatives are ready and able to provide accurate and to-the-point help to customers when needed, with quick and prompt response times, thus minimizing mission critical delays.


Military forces, commercial companies and government organizations trust our expertise and professionalism, and have adopted our systems as their standard airborne and ground analysis solutions for flight-data recording and post-analysis. Our off-the-shelf products, and our ability to extend them based on a project's needs, make us flexible in meeting user requirements. Our long history of working with the most prominent and influential vendors and suppliers in the business indicates that AMPOL is a company well situated in the field.
AMPOL's ability to meet and exceed our customers' expectations, and our proven track record of reliability set us apart from the crowd.
Let us show you what we can do for you.

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