The following workflow briefly explains how to use the dataMARS104 unit:

1. Before beginning a set of flights, set up the engineering-units ICD, automatic recording trigger and recording filter setting files, load them onto the removable recording media and then transfer it to the airborne unit.

2. Insert the removable recording media into the airborne unit and power up. The new setup files will override the previous ones in the unit. (A short pre-flight test should be performed to monitor and record live data in all communication channels.)

3. During flight, the dataMARS104 unit records communications data. Recording can be started and stopped either manually by the pilot, or automatically according to configured triggers, based on monitored engineering-units data. An optional status LED in the cockpit indicates recording status.

4. On the ground, remove the recording media from the system. To immediately start the next flight, insert a new recording media unit.

5. Insert the PC-compatible recording media into a lab PC, and immediately analyze the data. Alternatively, copy the stored information either to the PC's disk or through a network to a remote computer, then analyze the data from these files. Distribute portions of the recorded data for further analysis, or generate reports.