The SMART is a portable solution, with a rugged MIL-SPEC design, that monitors and/or simulates avionics bus data. It is ideally suited for use either on-board an aircraft for test flights or on the ground for maintenance procedures in the line.

Portable Systems

AMPOL's portable systems are COTS PC-based turnkey solutions, made of best-of-breed components. These systems are capable of supporting multiple mixed communication channels via PC card interface modules.

Test Equipment

AMPOL’s test equipment is ideal for testing various aircraft components. You can use it to create, manage and play complex test scenarios, as well as run test sequences, inject errors, simulate inputs and monitor and record device outputs, which can be presented in clear concise reports.

Integrated Environments

AMPOL's hardware and software solutions can be integrated into numerous test environments, enabling test directors to easily and efficiently generate test data and monitor device outputs.

All-terrain Solutions

Aside from aircraft and other airborne systems, AMPOL’s turnkey solutions can be used on board naval vessel platforms and armored vehicles, enabling the monitoring and recording of weapon, navigation, radar and other system data.

brochure in PDF format.
the turnkey solutions
brochure in PDF format.