AMPOL's customer list includes avionics equipment vendors and flight test centers, as well as major military and commercial aviation companies, such as Lockheed Martin and Boeing, and military forces, such as the United States Air Force, Army and Navy. These well known companies and agencies know that AMPOL can meet their expectations with our reliable products and their ability to be adapted to any project requirement.

Take a look at what some of the top people in the avionics field have to say About AMPOL's products:

"dataSIMS is a very good product... It goes far beyond the capabilities of any other similar product. ...dataSIMS, as a commercially available 'off-the-shelf' product, provides a means ... to be much more productive and to better utilize the time available for every engineer."

Senior Engineer, Avionics Engineering Dept.

"From what I have seen, I believe dataSIMS has stayed at least a generation in front of its competition. The capability to record digital and analog data parameters on the same system will be a giant aid to us."

Senior Engineer, Parker, US

"Over the past few months, we've had a team of four people that has been working extensively with the dataMARS tools. We've had much success with the product and have been impressed."

Senior Engineer, SIAC, GA


With ringing testimonials like these, it's easy to see why AMPOL has become – and remains – the leader in the field of avionics data recording and simulation.

"After working with dataMARS we realized
that all others are toys rather than tools."

Senior Engineer, Avionics Engineering Dept.

But having top-quality products is only half of the story of AMPOL's success – we stand behind our products, and are always there when we are needed. AMPOL's customer service representatives are ready and able to provide accurate and to-the-point help to customers when required, with quick and prompt response times, thus minimizing mission critical delays. As the Lead Engineer of Sikorsky Aircraft's Embedded Software Development Department said:


"Good support is important to us engineers at Sikorsky as is a good product
that helps us do our jobs. So far I would say your company has both."

Cutting-edge products and impeccable customer service – this is what AMPOL is all about.

Among our customers:

Aerospace and Aircraft Companies:

Lockheed Martin, USA
Boeing, USA
Sikorsky Aircraft, USA
Kaman Aerospace, USA
British Aerospace Systems (BAe), UK
Westland Helicopters, UK
Eurocopter, GmbH, France
Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI)
Singapore Technologies Aerospace (STAe)
Saab AB, Sweden


Military and Government Organizations:

US Air-force
US Army
US Navy
Royal Air-force (RAF), UK
Israeli Air-force (IAF)
Canada Air-force
Singapore Air-force (RSAF)

Defence and Avionics Companies:

GEC Marconi, USA, UK, Italy
Rockwell Collins International, USA
Smiths Industries, USA, UK
Parker, USA
Raytheon TI, USA
Rolls Royce, USA, UK
Allied Signal, USA
Hamilton Standstrad, USA
Hughes, UK
Vickers Defence Systems, UK
Elbit Systems, Israel
Rafael, Israel
Samsung Aerospace, Taiwan